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Why are you always complaining?

We all have the things we always do. We sometimes like them or not, but we cannot imagine our lives without doing them. I, for example, always eat chocolate. I always wake up early in the morning. I always read something in the evening. I always run away from problems. Always, always, always…

But wait… Does the word “always” always refer to your routines? Perhaps yes, yet some of the routines are not neutral for the other people… Look:


My friend bought some flowers and a bottle of expensive wine to celebrate the Women’s Day with his lady. However, as usually, she was unhappy about that. He only asked her: Why are you always complaining? Why are you always criticizing me?






If, in your opinion, a situation happens too often and you want to show your criticism, anger or irritation about it, you may want to use “always” with the Present Continuous to let the other person know about your emotions.

So… What is he always doing? What is she always doing? What are they always doing? And finally: What are you always doing? Share your ideas and look at these sentences. Enjoy!

Why are you always complaining?


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