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Aretha Franklin & Inspiration

It’s so good to feel inspired.

I’m sure that all of us can remember a moment from the past when suddenly everything changed.

Inspiration is also crucial when you want to learn something. No matter how good your school is, or what excellent teachers you have, if the motivation for learning comes from you, you will find more pleasure in it and may have excellent results.

I was 15 and for the first time listened to The Show Must Go On by Queen.

Yet, today I would like to recommend somebody else. She may be a little obscure for the youngest audience, but definitely a big star among the rest. Aretha Franklin and her music have inspired millions of people.

inspiration for this post comes from BBC:


A short film in which Aretha speaks about herself.

And you can follow up with some of her hit songs, e.g.:

But first, study these words and phrases: 04_aretha_franklin


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Words In The News

European Championships in Athletics 2018

How about doing some sport? How about watching some sport?

It seems to me that doing sport has become much more popular recently. Every time you go out, you can see people of all ages running, cycling, working out or playing different team sports.

Some of us like to watch sports competitions on the highest level. Now, we can watch some of the best athletes in Europe (I should say “in the world”) thanks to the European Championships in Berlin.

Good luck to all the competitors!

Have you heard of the Ingebrigsten brothers from Norway? If not, I truly recommend watching this:


Don’t forget to take a look at these words: stun, stunning, take sth by storm, staggering, disbelief, lap, make history, annals of champs, salute, guide.


Good luck!