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Have you ever wondered what you have your hands, eyes or mouth for?

You obviously have your hands for handing things! You have your eyes for eyeing people and you have your mouth for mouthing words!

Let me tell you a story.

Everybody loves getting presents and so do I! Recently, to my utter astonishment, my wife has handed (1) me a small box. I eyed (2) both her and the box suspiciously and all I could do was mouth (3) the words: “Oh my God!”

Only then did I recall her mouthing (4) some promises after I mouthed off  (5) about not getting anything the previous year. Feeling attacked and always being ready to face off (6), she responded aggressively with: “Back off (7)! There’s no need to yell at me!”

Because of all the excitement I backed (8) against the wall, exhilarated. Facing (9) the facts, it was obvious then what I needed to do. I backed down on (10) complaints about my wonderful wife and mouthed (11) words of admiration to her. I didn’t expect anything, so any present would have been a surprise for me. I got tickets to a concert of my favourite band!

Having opened the gift, I headed (12) immediately for the present for her. I knew that a squeezer headed (13) her list of wishes and I had bought one in advance. The shopping was crazy! I had to shoulder (14) and elbow (15) my way through a crowd of people to get what I wanted.

When I was handing (16) the nicely wrapped box, I thought the squeezer was nothing compared to the tickets. I was wondering whether to leg it (17) or shoulder (18) the responsibility for my choices but, in fact,  I had no other way but to face the music (19). “She might not want to divorce me…” – I thought. She fingered (20) the present carefully as if trying to find out what that was but suddenly she cheerfully exclaimed that she had nosed (21) the present out a month ago!

Fortunately, we weren’t heading (22) for divorce. As she unwrapped the present, she rewarded me with a big kiss and invited me to foot (23) the bill in a restaurant! I hoped I would be able to stomach (24) it if you know what I mean…

Meaning of:

  • gave
  • looked
  • move lips without making any sound
  • saying empty promises
  • complained
  • be ready to argue
  • stop
  • leaned
  • accepting
  • withdrew
  • moved lips without making any sound
  • went in the direction of
  • was at the top
  • push people with your shoulder
  • push people with your elbow
  • giving
  • run away
  • accept
  • accept punishment for something I have done
  • touched
  • found
  • going in the direction of
  • pay
  • both 1) like the food 2) have enough money to pay

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