About the Blog

Dear Reader,

Let me welcome you to my blog. I would like to present to you my idea of studying English.

This blog is dedicated to people who want to 1) study English, 2) exert influence over others e.g. teachers, businesspeople, 3) are interested in the world. You will find here articles on a range of topics such as: PSYCHOLOGY, TEACHING, EDUCATION, LEADERSHIP and more.

If you are my Student: visit me regularly and enjoy the blog!

If you are a Teacher:

I will be happy to share my experience and ideas for learning with you. If you are interested, contact me, please.

If you are a Student-to-be:

I am proud to offer you a glimpse into the adventure which awaits you. Check out the samples of the lessons and do not hesitate to contact me!

The purpose of my blog is to create a medium in which learners of English could share ideas and opinions. I intend to create a meaningful situation in which you can actively use all the things you have already learnt. I would like to kindly ask you for active participation.

You are most welcome to familiarize yourself with my offer and I hope we will start cooperation.

Be my Guest and enjoy the time spent here!

Stanisław Ryguła


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