Courses / Kursy

I am happy to offer you a variety of courses in the English language:

Business English

a course designed for professional purposes, based on topical conversations in the business context. Choose this one if you want to gain confidence in every business situation or if you want to receive a certificate in Business English.

English for Examinations (Matura / FCE / CAE / CPE / IELTS)

a course designed to help you pass the exam of your choice. All my students have successfully completed the courses and passed the exams.

General English

a course based on conversations to help you explore the world. I like to use real life materials and prepare educational content on the basis of BBC,, National Geographic, etc.

English for Beginners (Angielski dla Początkujących)

po roku będziesz wstanie sprawnie komunikować się w codziennych sytuacjach.


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